Missed Parcel

Hi there,

Nope, I missed it. In case you have no idea what I mean, I shall refer you to yesterdays post or I’ll just recap now. I thought my new HTC phone was being delivered yesterday but it wasn’t, it was today instead and because I was spending my life on a bus, I missed it so now I have to wait until tomorrow, hopefully.

I’m not really too sure but I am hoping they will try again tomorrow, it sounds like it but I’ll keep my eye on the tracking website, just in case.

I’m quite gutted as I really wanted to be playing with my phone tonight, taking pictures, setting the ring tone, playing with the app store, all that kind of stuff but no, I had to go on a long journey to spend ten minutes in town to the come all the way back for my job centre meeting. Oh I don’t know, this lack of job thing is annoying me now. I would really like to be being paid a decent wage to sit at home. Maybe I could become a house sitter or something, that would be fun.

I need to make my life better by being able to afford not to get on buses, that would be nice although, to be honest, I am thinking of applying to be a driver of one so the whole bus thing is irrelevant. I just want a car so I don’t have to hang around and have a decent way of carrying things around with me, that would be nice.

No, I am not complaining, not today. That will be tomorrow when I discover my phone wont be delivered until Friday, when I am out again!

Until then though,


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2 Responses to Missed Parcel

  1. Yeah, where are those neighborhood cable trolly taxies this is 2010 right? and there are less busses on the routes. 😦 well, I hope you get your new toy ,, I mean phone. soon. anyways. thanks for RT I dropped a few with that one, the others are used to me and didn’t drop me, strange how twitter is. giant crazy global chat river with some real people in it here and there.

  2. oh crap it’s 2011, oh hell back to house cleaning. I hate house cleaning.

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