A question of procrastination

8/365 - My first fail

Hi there,

So today was a total fail in the writing part of my life. I really do suck big time when it comes to putting pressure on myself and doing what needs to be done. Now, normally I would say that it’s okay as it’s only day one, I can catch up tomorrow but I’m having less than three hours sleep to then go out and babysit the Niece.

Never mind though as I am sure that when I can spare the time, I will be in the zone and write like the wind to make up for it. I can see some of you rolling your eyes and believe me, I get it. As if it will happen but never say never, I could really surprise you and myself, all at the same time.

On the upside of the writing life I now lead, or will lead, I have figured out how my story starts. It’s pretty usual in the whole scene of things but I feel comfortable with it. Of course, it’s a secret at the moment but once it’s down, and solid, I’ll let you in on it. It isn’t a big scene but I think it may be one that’s workable, unlike many others I have written.

I am aiming this to be a series too but I have one major flaw that has yet to be discovered. I’m not sure what the overall issue is. I mean every story has a problem that the MC needs to fix or be part of but mine is kind of lacking. Oh, I have one but I’m not really sure where I can go with it, it needs more detail, a bit of a bite. There are smaller issues too for the MC to mull over and keep her going but again, I may need more. I am sure I will figure this out somehow or maybe when the story picks up a flow. That’s how it usually works for me anyway.

So yes, less procrastination and more doing stuff that needs to be done. Enough of this slacking attitude, you need to focus and stop messing around. This isn’t going to write itself and if you leave it too long, someone else may write it instead and that wont be fun!

Back tomorrow with hopefully some upbeat news about the story and my new focus.


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