Got to get to it!

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Hi there,

So today was a day off for me which was great except that I haven’t really done anything that can substitute taking a day off for. I was very tired when I got home from enjoying myself and other than almost passing out and then suddenly feeling very awake again, not much writing happened. However, today is the day that it changes. It has to otherwise I’m a little screwed with my word count.

Yes, today is the day for my epic CampNano story to make an appearance anc show everyone exactly what it is made of. I have a feeling it will kind of suck to begin with but that’s okay, it can and then when I am done, I shall make it turn from suckiness to complete epic book heaven. Well, that’s my hope anyway.

To keep me in line, I hear by pledge to put down my daily word count and the number it hopes to be. For August, I shall be putting 50k as the total but this may change once I beat that, and I really am about to aim for it. I just hope that it isn’t too hard to keep on track given the planning (sort of) that has gone into it.

Oh, I may ban myself from watching all TV shows and playing games until the daily count is done. I need some restrictions on myself otherwise it will not work. I haven’t really tried before so this will be a new experience in trying to train myself properly.

There is just one major rule that I have to follow: NO MORE PROCRASTINATION ALLOWED!

That is all. Wish me luck. Oh, and please leave a comment on how you’re doing at CampNano should you be doing it or if you would like more info on it, please follow the various links and that should answer some of the questions you may have.

Seeya tomorrow,


0/50,000 words for CampNano

Link to NaNoWriMo – What I’m doing this month and what it’s based on.

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