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Imagination - HNBD

Hi there,

Yeah, nothing written today either but I kind of have a reason, sort of. I was distured whilst asleep by a phone call from my sister and decided to go back to bed after we finished chatting, I then over slept by a good few hours!

After I awoke and then had something to eat, it was time to leave for my radio show. I didn’t get back until late and then I milled around for a while. That was my mistake but I wanted to settle in after being out and got too comfortable. Tomorrow though, there is no excuse. I will write before and after going food shopping and I will catch up on the words.

I am behind by a few thousand now and that needs to be fixed. As I said in the first couple though, I have a plan and hopefully the words will fall onto the paper as if the bag they are in was sliced apart. I will be quite surprised if I find difficulty in the first ten chapters, with plot anyway. I always have issues with creating the names of my characters and places and they are always just MC and MC’sBF and things like that until names are thought of. I am hoping that this time, the names will be obvious for them.

I also find that I have a lot of dialogue in my stories and not enough description. They don’t seem to like telling where they are or what they are wearing and I really need to work on that. Dialogue is fine for a bit but not everything. I need to put the visions that I have in my mind, onto the paper. Make the readers feel as if they are there with me, seeing what I see but with their own take on it.

We’ll soon be able to do that too. Someone will describe something, a place or an iten and then they will ask everyone to think of it. They will then have something that will be able to take that image from your mind and instatly make it visible to everyone else, like a photo. They will then be able to compare people’s imagination and creativity. How amazing would it be to find out what a ten year old, who has just read the first Harry Potter book but has not seen the film, thinks about how HogWarts should look? Think about it.

I shall leave you with that thought. Leave a comment about what other things could be discovered using the thought camera. Eye witnesses, personal accounts on how things went in a conversation, how people were treated in several occasions. I don’t think theirs a limit on what it could do. Someone invent it!

Oh, how about the memories that people forget, people with forgetful memories who can’t remember long ago years. That would be helpful to them too. Okay, enough with this, leave your own thoughts below and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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