About me

Hi there and welcome to my Blog. My name is Paula and at the time of writing I am 27 years old, unemployed and single. I live in the outskirts of London and where as it isn’t the best place ever, it’s good enough for now. I would really like to be working and living in NYC but that has yet to happen, that is a big goal for me.

Yep, it all sounds a little depressing but that’s okay, it is supposed to. Now, you may be wondering why a depressing sounding Blog is a good thing, well, I shall tell you. This Blog is all about improvement, my self-improvement. Now, to improve on something, you need to have something that needs improving. Now, what do I need to improve on? Well, let’s see shall we.

This Blog will hopefully see my life change for the better. So far I have lacked the motivation to improve myself but now I need and want to change. I will be writing about writing, life and perhaps even through a new job, should I manage to get one.

I want to have a life filled with love and fun too so hopefully I will work on not being single. I shall report on new friends, old friends and those who were thought f as friends but turned out not to be so. This Blog is a big challenge for me and I want it to travel through the up’s and down’s with me.

Now, this may seem a bit much but I want to have it out there, life can be a bit bad but I want to change mine, almost everything about it. Now this will possibly contain a lot about actual writing as I wish to do more of it but stick with me, I am really worth it (I hope).