Something big has happened today

Hi there,

Okay, so I know this is going to be a big thing on almost every website known to man but it does have to be said, even if it just a small mention. When I put on facebook today, I saw status updates about how the American forces had found and killed in a 40 minute fight Osama Bin Laden.

Now, this is not a religious blog nor is it about war or terrorism or anything to do with negativity unless it is my own but like I said, it is a big thing and I do have a small opinion about it.

So they found him after years of trying and because he wouldn’t give up, they killed him. It is a great success but it comes with lots of low points. He wasn’t alone in doing the September 11th attacks nor the 7th July attacks on London so the fight mustn’t stop here. Neither was he in charge any more when they found him yesterday, all him retired, afraid or anything thing else but he hasn’t been in charge for a very long time.

As much as he needed to be found and as much as it was good, the actions of the men who dealt with the body afterwards must be thought of too. Now, none of us know what was said to him when dead but we can probably guess it was of adult nature but they dealt with him the way he should have been dealt with. OBL never liked nay probably hated other religions but he was given an Islamic funeral, done swiftly in 24 hours and sent to live with the fishes and I believe that this was the best place for him.

Why? Well, now no-one can turn his place of burial into a shrine, which would have happened, somehow. Plus what country in there right mind would want the worlds number one wanted criminal buried in there land? Exactly.

OBL was a man and was treated like one even if he didn’t do so for others but now he is gone, we must focus on those who still aim to terrorise us and make others look bad. It may never end but we cannot give up otherwise those poor people who dies in New York, Washington, London, Bali, Mumbai, would have done so without any justice being given to them. Many can start to rest in peace and maybe give hope to the families that it can be done. We just have to hope that we can save any more acts from happening although it is already being reported that bad things will happen. We will have to wait and see.

Oh, and one more thing. I respect anyone’s opinion on everything so if you don’t agree with this than fair enough but please, all those theories about him die-ing years ago and Obama releasing it now just to look good, don’t be fools. No way could anyone get away with such a thing, no way. Unless he admits it, writes it on paper and signs in blood would I even start to believe it. I am not an American and I can’t say I understand the politics of it all but seriously? No.

Okay, that’s enough of the war on life, let’s move on as we all still have ours to live and get negative about.

So, other than that, and if you are still reading, thanks for staying with me, I was out doing Census stuff for two hours today. The supervisor came round with me even though I suspect he didn’t really want to. It was okay.

That’s about it really, nothing else happened and that rant about war has taken it out of me so I’ll leave it there for today.


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Happy May Day

Hi there,

So, it’s the 1st of May and that means I need a list of goals to fail. I was thinking about it last night whilst trying to get to sleep and decided that I have to do something about this lifestyle I have been leading. I have to get rid of it, start afresh, a new chapter, or something.

I went through my head about the different ways I could do it and thought the timetable thing was the best idea. Write down the times and things to do and then just stick to it. After a while, it has to get to be a routine, right?

So, what do I need to do to complete such a thing:

  • A spreadsheet with hours and days of the week on it
  • A list of things that needs to be done, each with different levels of needs
  • Something to persuade me to stick to it, an end goal of some kind
  • A kick up the bum
  • Maybe some hypnosis, kept as plan B, just in case

So, when do I start this great plan, today? Well, that would be a good idea but I have a feeling I need to mull it over and as I’ve been feeling the arty feeling building up and my want of building a website comes back, it may be put in the back of the list or maybe come in to use when such a thing arises, I don’t know yet. I do believe it will happen sometime this month though, as I have written to be so now!

In other news, I spent an hour doing Census stuff today. While doing that, I spoke to my Dad and after much tempting, managed to work out that another dinner was available so I hopped on a bus and went for another delicious dinner. It was very nice indeed and I don’t think I have ever had a bad word about the ford he has cooked for me unless it was chicken thighs or broad beans. Both of which are not very nice!

So yes, a very thought provoking day, which was nice. I wish it happened more often.

Ah, before I forget, I have an update about the phone. I didn’t get the email I was waiting for so I rang them up. Okay, so they said they had sent the email but they didn’t because I spent the last few days hitting refresh every ten minutes just to see. Anyway, listen to this, it’s amazing, in such a bad way!

So, as I said the other day, the phone contract is for £12 a month, for 24 months, working out to £240 altogether. Okay, so the actual phone to buy on pay and go is £179.99 without top up. Again, that’s fair enough, so what’s the big deal. Yeah, I an have the phone if I pay them £350 up front as a deposit… Oh yes, dear reader, you read that clearly. They want me to pay almost double the price of the phone BEFORE I pay the contract. Yeah, I don’t get it either but there you go. Sadly, I turned that down because that is just silly.

So, no phone for me then, right? Wrong. I rang up Virgin Media, who I have my TV with and went through the whole palaver of it all. They have the same phone, crap minutes and texts and only 500mb of web but I really want this phone now and if I get a job before I die old, I might get a better deal. Oh yes dear reader, within ten minutes on the phone to this Indian Lady who had an American twinge in her accent, and I have the phone in the post for £12.50 a month. Get in. That made me happy and cancelled out my feelings towards that other phone shop!


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Still celebrating, kind of

Hi there,

Okay, so the title is a lie, I wasn’t celebrating, I was having another lazy day but I didn’t to sound bad as I do it too often. I don’t know, it is just easier to do nothing than get up and do stuff that you know you must do.

I only got dressed because I needed food and decided to have chips. That’s right, the cupboard is bare and I can’t be bothered to go out and get anything.

Apart from it being complete laziness, I know it’s because I don’t have a car to use to go out and go places. I think I would be so much more willing if I had a vehicle of some kind. My sister has suggested using a push bike but I’m not sure my knees would like it. I have knocked knees and they tense up every other day so cycling may be a bad idea as they make knock again. It’s a big worry of mine and has caused me to avoid everything fun, just in case they go weak. It will mean six weeks in a cast if they did go.

I may try it anyway, as a test because it may do them good instead and build up the muscles in my legs and maybe help me get fit, which would be a good thing. I would probably get those knee protectors that sports people use, just in case as that would hold them together in that case. I don’t know what to do really. I will have to do it eventually I suppose.

So, it’s also the last day of April so let’s recap on what happened:

  • I failed Script Frenzy – No surprise there
  • I got a temporary job but kind of fail at that too – See above
  • Still have no money
  • I’m lacking at this Blogging lark
  • I’ve decided that I always sound like I’m depressed when I’m not, promise

That’s about it, I think. I don’t believe I had any specific goals this month but I shall have to decide on what to aim for next month, something good and perhaps something I can actually keep to!

No news is good news on the whole phone thing, although in this case, it’s more annoying than anything, I just want to know!


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Two people got married and the whole world watched

Hi there,

Well yes, of course I am going to mention the big royal wedding, why wouldn’t I. I was supposed to go down to the mall and join my family on the streets of the mall but I didn’t get up in time and anyway, they couldn’t see the wedding, just hear it and I wanted to watch it and see everything, so I did.

I got up in time to see most of the royals get to the church and hear all the comments on the dresses and how nervous Prince William must be. It was fantastic to see it all as if you were there yourself.

The wedding service was really sweet and surprisingly short. I always thought they went on forever when doing a church wedding but apparently not. I’ve only been to one wedding, which was last year and that was in a registry office. It was still good but it was different, no hymns or anything and it was quite quick, about 20 minutes.

Anyway, the wedding today was sweet and loving. You can tell they really love each other and she was so welcomed by the crowd and generally everyone. I am sure she will do great things for the Royals.

Of course, the big thing was the balcony appearance and the kiss. Would they or not, do what his Mother and Father had done 30 years before and they did one better, two kisses which pleased everyone watching. It was so sweet and done so shyly, just like a normal newly wedded couple. Lovely.

I for one am glad I was able to watch such an event filled with much love and happiness, which is something the world really needs at the moment.

Congrats to Wills and Kate, may your love be forever and strong.


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An hour’s travel for a burger

Hi there,

So you might be wondering why anyone would travel so far to gt some food and you would be right, I didn’t do it on purpose, well, kind of.

Here’s the story. So I went to do some Census stuff as I have many hours to catch up on. I still didn’t leave very early and had to go to Superdrug to put in my prescription for my stomach acid mediation that I have missed for the last week and a bit. Anyway, doing that made me miss the bus I needed to catch but that’s okay because it’s one of those buses that comes every ten minutes, usually.

Yeah, this is another fault with the whole bus travel law thing. The buses only come when you don’t really want them. When you do want them though, they never turn up. In a hurry? Is it raining? Legs aching? Nope, you have to wait there now and suffer it.

45 minutes I and other people had to wait for no reason at all, it seems for this bus so really, the travel took an hour and 45 minutes but whose counting, right?

Yeah, so I got into the area but I was starving so I went into Burger King and stuffed myself silly. It was nice and a treat as I only have BK when I am in the mood for it, which is quite rare.

So yeah, after that, I did about half an hour of Census and then went home because it was cold and I got bored.

Oh, still no word about the phone and now it’s another bank holiday so I doubt I’ll hear about it tomorrow either but we’ll wait and see.


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So I nearly did something crazy

Hi there,

Yes, today was my crazy day moment which I haven’t had for a while. I shall explain what happened.

So, I went to my Census meeting which is in a town that has shops and a market. Anyway, I got there a little late but generally made the meeting as I didn’t miss much. It was just the people going through good things that had happened to them rather than anything negative. After that, we went through the folders and got bits of cards and just normal Census stuff, nothing too exciting.

Anyway, since it was such a nice day out and knowing the Eldest sister had finished work at 1pm, I rang her to ask what she was up to. I was trying to bag an invite to a BBQ or something but that didn’t happen. Instead, she said was going shoe shopping in town, the one I happened to be in. I told her I would wait around for her as I wanted to browse the shops anyway and she was going to be a while.

So yes, I started to look around and decided I would go into a phone shop. Now, I have been going on to people that I really want a HTC phone. I have no idea why but I really want a smart phone and that make seems so attractive. Anyway, this shop has a deal on at the moment for that phone on a £12 deal for a month. The minutes are small so are the texts but it has unlimited web access so I decided to go for it. There is one small problem though, I would most likely fail the credit check. Yes, I have quite a bad credit history which I cant change right this minute. It was still worth a go anyway.

So, after standing around while, I got the attention of a Lady and told her what I wanted and that it may not happen. We sat down anyway and she typed in all my details. After a few minutes, she told me that I had failed a security check, not the credit check because she had put the card details in wrong. She told me to go back in six weeks and maybe try again. I was a little bit miffed but she said I could try and do it online instead.

Well, after all this time, my sister called me and we met up and she dragged me around Primark for a long time which annoyed me as I dislike clothes shopping big time. However, I bought some new pj’s which have cows on them so I was happy.

The Eldest then bought me dinner and some Cider, which were both yummy. It was the Kopperberg Summer Fruits, a nice sparkly pink Cider. It doesn’t taste like the normal stuff, it’s very sweet, like watered down cherryade.

Yes, so when I went home, I actually took some time to wonder whether or not to try and get that phone online and after much thought, I went for it. I have to wait for the confirmation but I could be getting a new phone, yay. I hope so but I wont be surprised if they say no.

I’ll let you know what happens.


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The long journey for no reason

Hi there,

So today, with lack of Census hours being completed, I decided to go and do some before the radio show today. It was mostly pointless as I got there at six, done a few minutes and then needed to hand in my folder to my Supervisor. All that travel time wasted.

I did have to go there anyway for the show, as I said earlier but I should have gone earlier. You see, being out of work has made me even more lazy than I already was, not being bothered about this job even though it is only for a few weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the work, I really am but it is the kind of work I wouldn’t really choose, if given the option. I don’t like walking or working outside and the travel takes too long just to come home again. I sound ungrateful but I’m not, honest. I just feel I would be better in a different job.

Anyway, on to the show. It went okay, no requests again but that’s okay, I just played the stuff I liked instead. I like doing the show, it’s fun. I was wondering how long I would have to do it before considering trying to get a job as a dj in local radio. I have no idea how it would work and if I’m even any good. My voice is quite nasally so that could be a downer but so is everything else in life!

So yeah, before I start depressing myself, I should stop writing,


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