Babysitting and Fundraising

Hi there,

So yesterday I said I had something to do today and it was true, I did, two things in fact. One of them was babysitting the Niece and the other, was fund-raising at the Dog Racing place with the people from the hospital radio.

During the day, I was mostly at home but was promised a BBQ at my Dad’s house as it was still really sunny out. When I got there though, there was an issue. All the BBQ stuff was really old and must have gotten wet through the winter as the coals wouldn’t light.

We used matches, paper, liquid stuff but nothing so we ended up having no BBQ, which sucked as I was starving. My Dad has no food over his house, I have no idea what he eats because there is nothing. I have more food and that is pushing it somewhat!

Anyway, after that, my Dad was nice enough to give me a lift to the Dog’s. We used to go every now and again when I was younger. Just in case you don’t know, I am on about Dog Racing. It’s quite harmless and fun to watch.

Yeah, so I waited for about 20 minutes until anyone else came along even though I was actually there on time. Five people in total took part in collecting for the radio. I was stood with Chairman Mat and a kid named Henry. I think I was with the best people because what we doing was not that interesting but they put the fun in fund-raising – see what I did there 😛

So yes, it was okay but a bit cold and most people just walked by although I was trying to get people to give as much as possible but Henry got the most as he was right in people’s faces, in a good way, of course.

Halfway through the evening, my family turned up, which was good as I had somewhere to leave my bag as it was getting heavy and in the way.

We were there for about three hours and after the others left, I went to sit with my Family until the end of the night. We didn’t get back home until after 11 so we were all quite tired, especially the Niece.

My Dad took the Eldest home and went out on the town whilst I stayed with Bonnie (The Dog) and the Niece went to bed. I watched TV for a bit and decided that Eureka was to be the next show I would watch solidly. It’s a great show with good characters and stories. I like futuristic stuff.

So that is that, until tomorrow,


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