Still nothing!

Imagination - HNBD

Hi there,

Yeah, nothing written today either but I kind of have a reason, sort of. I was distured whilst asleep by a phone call from my sister and decided to go back to bed after we finished chatting, I then over slept by a good few hours!

After I awoke and then had something to eat, it was time to leave for my radio show. I didn’t get back until late and then I milled around for a while. That was my mistake but I wanted to settle in after being out and got too comfortable. Tomorrow though, there is no excuse. I will write before and after going food shopping and I will catch up on the words.

I am behind by a few thousand now and that needs to be fixed. As I said in the first couple though, I have a plan and hopefully the words will fall onto the paper as if the bag they are in was sliced apart. I will be quite surprised if I find difficulty in the first ten chapters, with plot anyway. I always have issues with creating the names of my characters and places and they are always just MC and MC’sBF and things like that until names are thought of. I am hoping that this time, the names will be obvious for them.

I also find that I have a lot of dialogue in my stories and not enough description. They don’t seem to like telling where they are or what they are wearing and I really need to work on that. Dialogue is fine for a bit but not everything. I need to put the visions that I have in my mind, onto the paper. Make the readers feel as if they are there with me, seeing what I see but with their own take on it.

We’ll soon be able to do that too. Someone will describe something, a place or an iten and then they will ask everyone to think of it. They will then have something that will be able to take that image from your mind and instatly make it visible to everyone else, like a photo. They will then be able to compare people’s imagination and creativity. How amazing would it be to find out what a ten year old, who has just read the first Harry Potter book but has not seen the film, thinks about how HogWarts should look? Think about it.

I shall leave you with that thought. Leave a comment about what other things could be discovered using the thought camera. Eye witnesses, personal accounts on how things went in a conversation, how people were treated in several occasions. I don’t think theirs a limit on what it could do. Someone invent it!

Oh, how about the memories that people forget, people with forgetful memories who can’t remember long ago years. That would be helpful to them too. Okay, enough with this, leave your own thoughts below and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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I’m getting good at all this non-writing stuff!

Fail Road

Hi there,

Well, I’m not sure what happened but I know what didn’t, the writing. I think I got up quite late and then started reading a book about some diet and exercise which made writing seem to want to get pushed back on the to do list. I’m such a slacker and I don’t really know why I can’t listen to my brain because it keeps telling me to write and I keep telling it ‘yeah, later’.

I’m quite disappointed in myself really as I wanted this month to be different, to be the month where everything changed for the better but it’s just like all the rest. I need to try harder and make no excuses about doing. I really hope I can do it because I’m getting sick of myself and the way I behave and I have no idea how to change it.

I’m going to make this a short post but hopefully I will report back tomorrow with very different news instead. If anyone has any ideas on how I can motivate myself and they are different than the normal answers given then please let me know, thank you.


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Got to get to it!

googlewack adventure (3)

Hi there,

So today was a day off for me which was great except that I haven’t really done anything that can substitute taking a day off for. I was very tired when I got home from enjoying myself and other than almost passing out and then suddenly feeling very awake again, not much writing happened. However, today is the day that it changes. It has to otherwise I’m a little screwed with my word count.

Yes, today is the day for my epic CampNano story to make an appearance anc show everyone exactly what it is made of. I have a feeling it will kind of suck to begin with but that’s okay, it can and then when I am done, I shall make it turn from suckiness to complete epic book heaven. Well, that’s my hope anyway.

To keep me in line, I hear by pledge to put down my daily word count and the number it hopes to be. For August, I shall be putting 50k as the total but this may change once I beat that, and I really am about to aim for it. I just hope that it isn’t too hard to keep on track given the planning (sort of) that has gone into it.

Oh, I may ban myself from watching all TV shows and playing games until the daily count is done. I need some restrictions on myself otherwise it will not work. I haven’t really tried before so this will be a new experience in trying to train myself properly.

There is just one major rule that I have to follow: NO MORE PROCRASTINATION ALLOWED!

That is all. Wish me luck. Oh, and please leave a comment on how you’re doing at CampNano should you be doing it or if you would like more info on it, please follow the various links and that should answer some of the questions you may have.

Seeya tomorrow,


0/50,000 words for CampNano

Link to NaNoWriMo – What I’m doing this month and what it’s based on.

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A question of procrastination

8/365 - My first fail

Hi there,

So today was a total fail in the writing part of my life. I really do suck big time when it comes to putting pressure on myself and doing what needs to be done. Now, normally I would say that it’s okay as it’s only day one, I can catch up tomorrow but I’m having less than three hours sleep to then go out and babysit the Niece.

Never mind though as I am sure that when I can spare the time, I will be in the zone and write like the wind to make up for it. I can see some of you rolling your eyes and believe me, I get it. As if it will happen but never say never, I could really surprise you and myself, all at the same time.

On the upside of the writing life I now lead, or will lead, I have figured out how my story starts. It’s pretty usual in the whole scene of things but I feel comfortable with it. Of course, it’s a secret at the moment but once it’s down, and solid, I’ll let you in on it. It isn’t a big scene but I think it may be one that’s workable, unlike many others I have written.

I am aiming this to be a series too but I have one major flaw that has yet to be discovered. I’m not sure what the overall issue is. I mean every story has a problem that the MC needs to fix or be part of but mine is kind of lacking. Oh, I have one but I’m not really sure where I can go with it, it needs more detail, a bit of a bite. There are smaller issues too for the MC to mull over and keep her going but again, I may need more. I am sure I will figure this out somehow or maybe when the story picks up a flow. That’s how it usually works for me anyway.

So yes, less procrastination and more doing stuff that needs to be done. Enough of this slacking attitude, you need to focus and stop messing around. This isn’t going to write itself and if you leave it too long, someone else may write it instead and that wont be fun!

Back tomorrow with hopefully some upbeat news about the story and my new focus.


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It’s the start of August

A New Beginning

Hi there,

Apologies for the lack of Blog posts over the last couple of months. Nothing got in the way of them except for myself but I am here to try again.

It’s the start of a new month, August to be precise and among other things, that means it’s my birthday soon, yay. It’s on the 12th but I am sure I will mention it slightly before it gets here.

Oh, before I really get into it, I want to tell yu off some rule changes that I have decided. Yes, this will be updated every day but it will only contain bits about my writing rather than be a whole life diary. I need somewhere to write about that seperately and that means I have more focus on what I want to do, which is writing. Plus the life stuff can be a bit sad so I want something I can concentrate on.

That being said, August is the second month of CampNano. What is this I speak of? Well, the people who run NaNoWriMo have started a summer camp of sorts for people to test run the 50k goal. They did it in July too, which I joined and failed but this month is going to be so much better and I shall tell you why. I am going to do the story that has been in my head for around eight years or so. Yes, you read that right, eight years. It’s there everyday, asking when I’m going to put it down and so I decided that it is now time to see what it can do. It’s like a fine wine or something!

Now, I have a title for it but don’t get put off, it may change. It’s called: The University of Magic. Tada. That’s it. Oh, it’s so nice to finally put that out there but that’s not all as you see, it has a few major plot lines which I won’t spoil but will give some hints.

The characters have no idea that Magic is around until they hit a birthday, a big birthday too, above 18. Also, Religion plays a big part in the story. That’s all your getting for now though. I will be letting you know more about it when the time is right.

Oh, and before you ask, the University is real but obviously does more courses than Magic related one’s so it is also a cover. It is also based in England, not London but in a city. Oh, I’m so excited about it.

In other news, I will be continuing July’s story too once I have a strong foothold in the UoM. It is a great plot and so I want to continue it as much as possible. Who knows, one or both of them could get published one day. I am hoping that both do as they will be awesome.

Apart from that though, I am hoping to keep two Blogs up to date, one of them being this one, the other at Tumblr. I shall link to it in the sidebar somewhere. This one will be the main one though so be happy. I also hope to get myself commenting on Blogs so if you think I would like it, please leave a link down below.

Right then, thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow.


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Missed Parcel

Hi there,

Nope, I missed it. In case you have no idea what I mean, I shall refer you to yesterdays post or I’ll just recap now. I thought my new HTC phone was being delivered yesterday but it wasn’t, it was today instead and because I was spending my life on a bus, I missed it so now I have to wait until tomorrow, hopefully.

I’m not really too sure but I am hoping they will try again tomorrow, it sounds like it but I’ll keep my eye on the tracking website, just in case.

I’m quite gutted as I really wanted to be playing with my phone tonight, taking pictures, setting the ring tone, playing with the app store, all that kind of stuff but no, I had to go on a long journey to spend ten minutes in town to the come all the way back for my job centre meeting. Oh I don’t know, this lack of job thing is annoying me now. I would really like to be being paid a decent wage to sit at home. Maybe I could become a house sitter or something, that would be fun.

I need to make my life better by being able to afford not to get on buses, that would be nice although, to be honest, I am thinking of applying to be a driver of one so the whole bus thing is irrelevant. I just want a car so I don’t have to hang around and have a decent way of carrying things around with me, that would be nice.

No, I am not complaining, not today. That will be tomorrow when I discover my phone wont be delivered until Friday, when I am out again!

Until then though,


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All that time for an envelope

Hi there,

So today I got over excited for no reason. You see, I thought my phone was being delivered a day earlier than predicted but it turns out that it wasn’t and I fel sad about that, well, not sad, just a bit let down. I did get a parcel which needed to be signed for but it was just an envelope and not a box, which is what I was expecting.

Last night, whilst keeping an eye on my emails for any notification that something might happen, I noticed one that said the delivery was on it’s way and would be with me today, a day early. Oh I didn’t believe it to begin with but the tracking was proving that it was true, something was heading my way and would be in my hands to play with. I was so happy. Yay, my new play thing. No, no it wasn’t.

The man came just after 2pm and buzzed on my door. I answer it with great hope and he said he was from UPS, the delivery people. Woop, great, just what I was expecting. So, up he comes, in thee lift and up to the tenth floor to see me with a great smile on my face and he hands me an A4 envelope.

Oh, the smile went, which he must have noticed because he didn’t stick around. He got his signature and was away in his giant van, leaving me with this thing.

Oh, it was okay, I suppose. It was some phone sim, a pay and go one from Virgin that I had got sucked into getting along with the phone so it was still something but not what I was really looking forward to.

Never fear though, I got another email saying that I have another delivery due for tomorrow but I have a feeling I will miss it due to the Census meeting and the job centre so I will just have to wait and see if it comes before I leave. It has until 1pm so it might do.

Anyway, the radio show went well. No requests, again but I had plenty of company this week. Three people came in to the studio so at the end of it, we went to the pub. Oh how I miss these evenings. It was fun and I got to drink some Summer Fruits Kopperberg as it’s quite yummy. Oh, and of course I got my dinner of what I have no named ‘drunken chicken shop’. And that was delish too.

So yes, a very slow day with quite a busy evening. It turns out I am now covering a show on Saturday now and as of nest Tuesday, I’ll be training someone. Woo, I must be getting good at this radio presenter lark and I couldn’t be happier, unless of course my phone had come, that would have been the cherry on it all.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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